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Rhodes - Lindos Memories Hotel Review

Flight to Somewhere rating:
Lindos Memories hotel Rhodes

Lindos Memories courtyard

The pros:
- The hotel territory looks lovely and is spotlessly clean.
- It's right on the beach and there are lush loungers you can use both by the pool and on the beach. The beach is secluded - not sure if it's hotel's private, but there were not many people on it who were not hotel guests.
- The setting is gorgeous, overlooking picturesque cliffs.
- The staff are very friendly and smiling and happy to help.
- The food was delicious - both breakfast and dinner were extremely good, so much so that we ate through all four courses every night.
- There were bathrobes and slippers in the rooms and also the room safe was at no extra charge.
- Aircon worked perfectly.

Lindos Memories hotel Rhodes

Lindos Memories pool area

Lindos Memories is a 5-star hotel which is located just outside of the town of Lindos.

The hotel is located south of Lindos and is about a twenty minute walk from the town (the walk is very safe, there is a pavement all the way along the road and lovely views over the sea, so we enjoyed the exercise). Overall it was a lovely holiday and we really enjoyed it; however, there are some niggles that don't let me give it a five-star rating.

Lindos Memories hotel Rhodes

Lindos Memories courtyard

The cons:
- Our room was next to a pipe that made humming noises 24/7. Not loud enough to disturb sleep, but annoying nevertheless.
- The TV in the room was made before the word 'flatscreen' was born - it was ancient, tiny and there was a fault with the screen.
- We felt that the restaurant service could be organised a lot more efficiently - as the hotel got fuller the waiters got overwhelmed and the wait time between courses was quite long. The system of paying for drinks was also inefficient with the bills being difficult to locate and us having to sign for drinks several days later as the waiters couldn't find our bill till then. It would be great if that area could be improved - maybe introduce some sort of cards that could be scanned automatically adding the cost to the room?
- The water was only properly hot in the first half of the day - showering in the evening was with lukewarm water.
- There is supposed to be a spa, but it was closed throughout our stay. The receptionist did offer to inquire about prices at the neighboring Aquagrand hotel, but we didn't feel like going to a different hotel.

I have to say that in spite of the issues listed we would definitely return to the hotel again and I do recommend it and Lindos if you are considering a holiday in Rhodes.

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