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Elena. 21 at heart. Travel addict. Gadget geek. Photographer. Foodie.
Travel style: Couples. Affordable luxury. City break. Beach. The great outdoors. SPA.

 "The impulse to travel is   one of the hopeful   symptoms of life." 

I like to travel. A lot, as you will have probably already gathered from the fact that here you are on my travel-dedicated website... When it comes to my travel style, I would say I am a creature of comfort - you are a lot more likely to find me enjoying the luxuries of a 4-5* hotel after a day of exploring than in a tent on a trekking tour and I prefer nature walks to extreme adventure activities.


Whilst I do love luxury travel, my budget is not unlimited (not until I win that lottery jackpot anyway!), so I actively seek out the best deals and balance comfort of travelling and price paid. After all, I would rather have several fun trips planned in a year, even if that means flying economy and not going for the top-rated hotel, than blow my whole budget on one trip and then spend a year waiting for the next one. It is also why I mainly focus on short-haul European breaks - whilst I would love to explore more of the distant countries, the thought of a long-haul flight in an economy seat fills me with dread, even with extra legroom (#tallpeopleproblems), and business class just costs too much...

If you want to know how my last long-haul flight went, read the post about London-Mexico on a Thomson Dreamliner.


I am a big planner and spend an awful lot of time researching everything possible about potential destinations. Finally, whilst I can and often do make travel arrangements myself, I am just as happy to go on package holidays and organised group excursions - if it's a good deal and means you don't have to worry about anything, why not?


I also love taking lots of photos everywhere I go. With all those photos filling up my disk space, I thought about starting a travel blog to at least make some use of them, but then decided I wanted something a bit more structured - and so Flight to Somewhere was born.

It is still essentially a travel blog, but to make sure information is easy to find and doesn't disappear under a pile of new posts, I have broken it out into three sections - Sights (photo-rich destination guides of the places I visited), Food (interesting local foods sampled in a restaurant or bought in a supermarket) and Hotels (hotel reviews). Anything that doesn't fit under those three goes into the Blog section. 


As any blog, it's a never ending work in progress and, depending on how much time I get to spend in a location, some places will have more information and photos than others, but I will top up the lists if I get a chance to revisit. 


All photos and opinions are my own and you may choose to think differently about what's interesting and what's not. Whether you agree or disagree though, I hope you find the site useful! I will keep adding new content, both from past and future trips, so do come back to discover more.

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