Rhodes Sights

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands (a group of Greek islands which also includes Kos) and it is full of historical sights and just beautiful places to see. 

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town used to be called Elafioussa, which means 'a lot of deer', which is why you will see two deer statues in the harbour, marking where the colossus of Rhodes used to stand. Another noticeable part of the harbour are the medieval windmills, which used to grind the grain from the merchant ships.

Away from the harbour, there is an old city wall that you can walk along before heading in to explore the old town. There are lots of restaurants in the area in case you fancy a bite and a fresh orange juice. And if you would like to venture a bit further out, you can walk up Diagoridon street towards the ruins of the ancient acropolis site.

If you are coming to Rhodes Town for a day trip from Faliraki and don't want to rent a car, I would recommend taking the small boat - it's not a very long journey and gives you a chance to admire Rhodes from the water.


Lindos is a town with masses of charm - white houses clustered together in the shadow of a hill with a large acropolis site crowning it, For me, Lindos was love at first sight. 

The town was founded in the 10th centucy BC and was a major trading centre before this role was passed on to Rhodes town. Now it attracts a lot of tourists and has plentry of little shops and restaurants to keep you busy when wandering along the narrow streets.


There are quite a few steps involved in getting up to the acropolis, but the views from there are worth it, so make sure you get up there. If you don't fancy a climb on foot, the other option is to get a donkey!

Kalithea Spa

Kalithea Spa (or Kalithea Springs or Kalithea Therme) is not actually operational as a spa, but is a beautiful venue much loved for wedding ceremonies.

This area has been known for its therapeutic springs since ancient times and the stunning complex around the springs was built in the 1930s.

These days, apart from hosting weddings, Kalithea Spa is also a place to chill by the sea - there is a seafront restaurant as well as sun loungers and you can swim in the little laguna, so don't forget to bring your bikini and a towel. There is a small entry fee to get in, but it's very reasonable.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley (Petaloudes) is a beautiful nature reserve on the western side of Rhodes. The valley goes along a small creek and has lots of trees (incidentally, this is the only natural forest of the Oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe). This means the walk is at a pleasant temperature  even when it's boiling hot on the coast. 

During the summer months a multitude of Jersey tiger moths gathers in the valley to reproduce, which makes for a beautiful sight. However, even when the moths are not around, it is still a great place to visit!

Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

Seven Springs, as the name implies, does have seven different springs coming out there, which are marked with numbered signs.


But the most exciting bit about Seven Springs is actually an underground tunnel. It is pitch black and narrow and you are walking with your feet in the water - not for the faint-hearted or the claustrophobic. I have to admit I panicked! Once you (hopefully!) make it through, you come out to a beautiful river and a waterfall. You can't go back through the tunnel as it's only one way (better off this way really), so you have to make your way back on land.


Faliraki is a seaside resort, which had the reputation of a big party zone. After the local government decided to have a crackdown on rowdy behaviour though, Faliraki quietened down and some of the party places went out of business, so the town has a bit of a half-abandoned look in places. But it does have a long beach, plenty of restaurants and a small boat going to Rhodes town regularly. 

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