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Lufthansa Business Lounge Review London Heathrow

Updated: Apr 2

Over the years, I have visited Lufthansa Business Lounge at London Heathrow quite a few times, so I thought it was high time to write a review and share my thoughts on this particular lounge with you. Read on for the details about how to find it and what exactly is on offer there.

Lufthansa Business Lounge London Heathrow Review

Lufthansa Business Lounge in London Heathrow is easy to find. It's located in terminal 2, and once you go through security, it's easy to spot which way to go. Pretty much straight away, you take the escalator up and there you will find the entrance to the lounge. The current opening hours are from 5 am to 10 pm, but check here before your visit to see if there have been any changes to those.

Entrance to Lufthansa Lounge London Heathrow

As you may have noticed from the photo, Lufthansa Business lounge and Senator lounge are both located in the same place in London Heathrow, but it is not the same lounge. Customers with Senator access walk through the standard business lounge and an extra set of doors to get to their dedicated area.

As usual, the lounge has the typical Lufthansa styling and is divided into several zones. There is a large main area, with armchairs and side tables, suitable for hanging out with a drink and a small snack.

Lufthansa Lounge London Heathrow Review

There are a few TV screens, but nothing really exciting is shown, so I ignored those. I think it was the news or something like that.

If you sit by the window, you can have a view of the planes, albeit somewhat obstructed by the blinds or whatever that thing is. Not sure why it's there - I would have certainly preferred a clear line of sight.

Lufthansa Lounge London Heathrow Window Views
View from the lounge

The next big part of Lufthansa Business lounge in London Heathrow is the eating area, where you can sit down at a table or a bar stool. You can kind of see it in the background of one of the photos above, but I somehow didn't manage to get a good close-up shot of the area with the tables. Here are the bar stools at least:

Lufthansa lounge London Heathrow review

You can see there is a monitor with flight information here, with useful status updates, telling you when to go to the gate (I thought this was a given, until the lounges in Frankfurt failed to show any updates, and I really missed this information). There is also a newspaper stand if you fancy checking out the latest news. On top of the newspapers, I also found some magazines to read.

Another seating option is this sofa, which is located close to the food stations:

Lufthansa lounge London Heathrow review

Speaking of food and drinks, the selection at Lufthansa Heathrow lounge is perfectly adequate. I mean we are not talking about culinary masterpieces, but everything I tried was tasty and there is enough choice to find something that whets your appetite.

Lufthansa lounge Heathrow review - food station
Hot food and drinks station
Lufthansa lounge Heathrow review - food
Dessert station

I've been to this lounge a few times over the last few years and the food selection did differ between visits. As an example of what the food looks like when it's not hidden in a pot, on one occasion, I went for soup with a bread roll, followed by dessert, and everything was tasty.

My choice of food at Lufthansa Lounge Heathrow
My choice of main course at Lufthansa Business Lounge Heathrow
My choice of dessert at Lufthansa Business Lounge Heathrow
My choice of dessert at Lufthansa Business Lounge Heathrow

Another feature of the Lufthansa Business lounge at London Heathrow is a laptop-friendly area, in case you need to get some work done before boarding your flight. The electric sockets are available in three country types, UK, EU, and what I think might be US, so no worries if you don't have a UK adapter.

Lufthansa lounge Heathrow review - work area
Work area
Lufthansa lounge Heathrow - choice of electric sockets
Choice of electric sockets for different county plugs

Speaking of electric sockets, you will also find both UK and EU options in the main seating area, integrated into the side tables by the armchairs.

Finally the toilets are modern, clean and functional; nothing in particular to comment on here.

Lufthansa Business Lounge Heathrow toilets

And that pretty much sums up my experience at Lufthansa Business lounge London Heathrow. It can get busy, but over my visits, I have never had a problem getting a seat or had to queue for food or drinks, so I've always had a good time waiting for my flight there.


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